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Integrated management software is a fundamental tool for responding to a series of gaps found in the organization and daily management of companies.

Reduce costs, boost competitiveness and improve financial results

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Efficient project management

Management software can help the company plan, monitor and control construction projects more efficiently. It allows you to create schedules, assign tasks, monitor progress, manage resources and set important goals and milestones.

Cost control and budgeting

Management software offers features to monitor and control project costs. It is possible to track costs, the use of resources, compare budgets with actual costs and identify possible deviations.

Stock and materials management

Management software can help control the stock of construction materials, monitor purchases and deliveries, manage purchase orders and monitor stock levels. This ensures that materials are available when needed, reducing delays and interruptions to projects.


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Candeias & Silva, Lda. Candeias & Silva, Lda. began its activity on 21 May 1990. A family-run company, it is based in the Commerce and Services Zone of Vilamoura and operates in construction. It aims to be recognised as a benchmark company in the execution of urban and road infrastructure contracts in the Algarve and Baixo Alentejo regions.

The Challenge

Candeias & Silva wanted to centralise all the information and processes inherent to the company’s business in a single tool, eliminating scattered information, particularly in Excel files. The software they were using was inadequate for budgets, works and also measurement reports, which was one of the main reasons why they were looking for a more comprehensive tool.

The Solution

Inoformat was the answer. This solution allowed Candeias & Silva not only to control their entire commercial component but also to integrate more specific components of their business, their works. A company that has to deal with works or similar activities has very specific needs and the details are not generally applicable to all companies; it is necessary to understand the customer’s needs and know which day-to-day tasks or processes can be dealt with using integrated management software.

In the specific case of Candeias & Silva, initial consultancy work was carried out with the parties involved in the company’s administrative processes to understand where we could fit some of the modules into the Works and Services line. Budgets were prepared using Excel and users did not want to give up this tool, since the spreadsheet they were using had been completely tailored to their needs, giving them the flexibility to change it whenever they needed to.

However, this is not an issue for Inoformat, as it has a functionality in the Budgets module that allows you to import budgets/quantity maps in Excel, and so the budgets started to be input into Inoformat using this method. The Measurement Reports, which allow the company to measure the work carried out with the customer and subsequently invoice, were prepared in Excel; however, in this case, the procedure in Inoformat was very simple and similar to what they were already doing in Excel, but with the advantage that they could control and deduct the advances. They were also available immediately to be invoiced, thus eliminating the duplication of tasks between the technician who took the readings and the person who was going to issue the invoice.

To invoice, all you need to do is search for approved Measurement Records and issue the invoice. There is no need to input values or descriptions manually, as the software does everything automatically; the user only has to validate the information and issue the document.

Consequently, we were able to reduce the time needed to create and invoice quotes

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Products used

Inoformat Commercial and Financial Management;

Inoformat Management of Works, Services and Production;

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