Commercial Management: How Management Software Can Transform your Business

Management software is a fundamental tool for optimising processes, boosting productivity and ensuring control of all a company’s operations. Especially in the trading sector, effective management of stocks, sales, purchases and finances is crucial to the success of the business. Get access to real-time data to make strategic decisions.

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Stock management

The software allows you to monitor the entry and exit of products, as well as providing information on stock levels and demand forecasts, helping to avoid lost sales due to lack of products and minimising excess stock.

Sales process automation

Management software can automate sales processes, such as issuing quotes, orders and invoices, which reduces the time needed to carry out these activities and avoids data entry or calculation errors.

Simplification of financial tasks

Management software can facilitate financial tasks such as invoicing, billing and issuing invoices, as well as allowing the generation of financial reports such as cash flow, balance sheets and evidence of results.

Performance analysis

Management software can provide valuable information about the company, such as sales performance analyses, financial indicators, demand forecasts and more, allowing managers to make more informed and strategic decisions.

Improved operational effectiveness

Automating processes and simplifying financial tasks leads to greater team efficiency and productivity, allowing employees to dedicate more time to customer service and other activities important to the business.




Chaveca e Janeira is an Algarve company that has been operating in the tyre trade and services since 1957. It began its activities with retreading and, over the years, expanded its services to include selling new tyres and a variety of other motor vehicle-related services.

The Challenge

Chaveca & Janeira started their business in S. Brás de Alportel and later opened branches in Faro and Portimão. To expand their resale activity nationwide, the company needed an economical technology solution that required little human intervention. Their expansion strategy aimed to maintain the current employee structure, with constant communication with customers and resellers. However, communication processes were demanding and consumed a lot of administrative resources. Constantly updating information about visual content, prices, budgeting and product availability was particularly challenging.

The Solution

Sisgarbe’s choice for Chaveca Janeira was the PHC CS Advanced software, together with other Sisgarbe services, in order to improve communications and information-sharing with resellers, end customers and the sales force. To this end, three essential components were chosen, including PHC CS Desktop Management, PHC CS WEB Management and PHC CS WEB B2B. Thus, the chosen solution significantly reduced the need for human intervention and streamlined the response process for resellers and salespeople.

For resales, Sisgarbe customised the PHC CS WEB B2B so that resellers could place orders, with access to a range of information about products and stocks. These developments took into account the specificities of the tyres, in particular tyre size, noise, fuel efficiency, grip, tyre labels, link to the European commission’s website with approval, tyres on promotion, images of tyres and more. For the sales force, the solution was to use Sisgarbe’s pre-sales template, developed in the PHC CS Web Management software, which provides salespeople with the necessary functionalities and information to carry out their work quickly and in streamlined fashion.

Since Chaveca e Janeira’s accounts are outsourced to an accounting firm, and since neither the company nor the accountant’s office has PHC CS Accounting, a Sisgarbe template was inserted that automates the generation of accounting transactions. This allows Chaveca e Janeira to send its accounting transaction data on sales, purchases, payments and receipts to the accountant’s office, in accordance with tax rules, so that they can be input into the accountant’s system.

All of this made the company’s processes more efficient and streamlined, allowed information to be consulted in real time and viewed on different devices, and ensured the independent functioning of the company’s infrastructure.

The solution created a sense of innovation among partners

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Products used

PHC CS Advanced Gestão (Management)

PHC CS Advanced Ecovalor

PHC CS Advanced Documentos Eletrónicos (Electronic Documents)

PHC CS Advanced Intrastat

PHC CS Web Advanced Gestão (Management)

PHC CS Web Ecovalor

PHC CS Web E-Commerce B2B

ESET Endpoint Protection | Anti-virus

Domain Registration

SSL certificates

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