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Monitor maintenance and repairs

Proper maintenance of swimming pools and green spaces is essential to ensure their functionality and safety. With management software, you can record and track the history of maintenance carried out at each site, as well as define preventative maintenance schedules. This makes it possible to avoid future problems, extend the useful life of assets and provide a reliable service to customers.

Performance analysis

Management software can provide valuable information about the company, such as sales performance analyses, financial indicators, demand forecasts and more, allowing managers to make more informed and strategic decisions.

Internal communication

Management software facilitates communication and internal collaboration between different departments and teams within the company. Through features such as information sharing, internal messaging, task assignment and progress tracking, all team members can stay up-to-date and aligned on projects, services and operational issues.




Ecocompósitos, which has been in business for over 30 years, believes that its mission lies in innovation, product development, safety, seriousness, transparency and customer satisfaction. With around 55 employees spread across three branches, the company supplies products and solutions for the construction and maintenance of swimming pools, spas and green areas. Ecocompositos is a very dynamic company that has achieved a significant share of the domestic market, constantly challenging larger international players swimming pools, spas and green areas.

The Challenge

With three geographically distant offices, Ecocompósitos faced the challenge of collating all of its information in a single place, accessible to all employees. In addition, there was a need for efficient management at various levels, such as:

– Stock management, with respective locations within the warehouses.

– Shipping and optimising routes for deliveries to customers was another important challenge to overcome.

– Sales team management.

– Streamlining the purchasing process and order management.

– Analysis reports and business indicators.

The Solution

The solution found by Sisgarbe to overcome these challenges was to implement PHC CS Enterprise. With regard to stock management, integration was developed with Generix’s WMS. In addition, a supply dashboard was developed to enable a streamlined and rapid response to manage stock requirements and trigger orders to suppliers, all based on the historical data we have from the business, i.e. by reference to the average consumption of items that have been recorded over time.

The aim of the approach is to build shopping trolleys per supplier, from the various requirements identified, and to automatically generate the corresponding orders for the supplier. The dashboard also has views of customer orders and supplier orders so that pending orders can be viewed in the system. It is also possible to manage stock globally or by warehouse, depending on the specific situation. An invoicing dashboard was also developed so that after the picks have been made, transport documents or invoices can be generated automatically with process tracking, and it is possible to check the differences between what has been ordered, what has actually been picked and what is pending invoicing.

For route optimisation, an integration with the Routyn software was developed, allowing all the information to be centralised in the PHC and made available to employees, while Routyn optimises route management and the allocation of orders to vehicles. An order dashboard was also developed which shows all open orders and the status of orders. It allows a shipping date to be assigned to each order, and the dashboard is integrated bidirectionally with Routyn.

For the sales force, PHC CS WEB CRM was implemented, with CRM analyses offering the possibility of seeing who and what types of interaction there has been with customers over a certain period, and also speeding up the scheduling of visits by salespeople by synchronising the PHC calendar with Office 365 in both directions.

PHC CS Support was implemented to manage and maintain the equipment.

In the PHC CS Web application, various analyses were developed for managers and salespeople that show the state of the company in terms of invoicing/profitability. The reports were automated and a mechanism created that sends a profitability report to the various salespeople and managers at set intervals, in this case daily. The CEO emphasises the expandability of PHC CS, its versatility in integrating with other solutions and its unbeatable value for money compared to other options.

Streamline the purchasing process and order management.

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Products used

PHC CS Enterprise Gestão (Management)

PHC CS Enterprise Lotes (Batches)

PHC CS Enterprise Suporte (Support)

PHC CS Enterprise Logistica (Logistics)

PHC CS Enterprise Documentos + BPM (Documents + BPM)

PHC CS Enterprise Documentos Eletrónicos (Electronic Documents)

PHC CS Enterprise CRM

PHC CS Enterprise Vencimentos (Salaries)

PHC CS Enterprise Imobilizado (Fixed Assets)

PHC CS Enterprise Contabilidade (Accounting)

PHC CS Enterprise Intrastat

PHC CS Web Enterprise Gestão (Management)

PHC CS Web Enterprise Suporte (Support)

PHC CS Web Enterprise CRM

PHC CS Web Enterprise Documentos + BPM (Documents + BPM)

PHC CS Web Enterprise Vencimentos (Salaries)

PHC CS Web E-Commerce B2B

Generix WMS | Gestão de Armazéns (Warehouse Management)

Routyn | Routing Software

Cloud Servers with SQL Server and IIS

Office 365

Exchange Online

ESET Endpoint Protection | Anti-virus

Monitoring and prevention services

Domain Registration

SSL certificates

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An order management dashboard was created from scratch in which it is possible to check credit control information, define whether delivery should be made to the address on the document or on the customer’s file and there is communication with the Routyn platform, both for sending and receiving data. All the data is stored and controlled from the PHC through specific fields and programming, ensuring broad accessibility and ease of maintenance in a system that employees are already trained and qualified to use.

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