Agricultural Management: How Management Software Can Revolutionise your Production

Running an agricultural business can be challenging. Boosting productivity, reducing costs and ensuring product quality are daily issues. Take a look at how we helped Frusoal rise to the challenge.

Reduce costs and boost productivity: the benefits of agricultural management software for your business

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Stock management

With management software, you can monitor stocks of seeds, fertilisers and pesticides, as well as end products, such as grains, fruits and vegetables.

Expenditure and income tracking

Agricultural management software allows the recording and tracking of all financial transactions related to production, including the purchase of raw materials, the sale of products and the payment of employees’ salaries.

Equipment maintenance

Producers depend on equipment and machines to carry out their daily activities. Agricultural management software allows the recording and monitoring of all maintenance activities, including scheduling servicing and repairs.




Frusoal is a producers’ organisation that was founded in 1990. Currently, the company’s production focuses mainly on citrus fruits, offering producers support services from the orchard to marketing, including storage, phytosanitary treatment, packaging and shipping. Frusoal has more than 150 employees and contributes to the modernisation and evolution of citrus crops in the eastern Algarve region.

The Challenge

During the years that followed its founding, the increase in the number of members and producers to more than a hundred made it necessary to focus on specialised production.

The Solution

In the warehouse, we automate the entry and classification of fruit, issuing entry slips and labelling boxes/pallets. Production orders are placed, where the work is classified by calibre, quality, industry and scrap, for subsequent payment to production. At the line exit, the fruit is packaged and labelled with weight, size and batch number, allowing the system to automatically calculate the data necessary for legal documents for shipping.

In the administrative area, the valuation of items to be paid to production was automated, based on the market price, quality and calibre of the fruit delivered. Some services provided by Frusoal to its producers, such as picking, stripping and transportation, were also automated. Documents are issued automatically and accounting integration is done without taking up major resources, reducing execution time from weeks to a few minutes.

The response time for payments to production was reduced by 75%

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Products used

PHC CS Advanced Gestão (Management)

PHC CS Advanced Lotes (Batches)

PHC CS Advanced POS

PHC CS Advanced Documentos Eletrónicos (Electronic Documents)

SIS Citrinos (Citrus Fruit)



GPAC | Industrial Management

Generix Ecofatura | Electronic invoicing with customers

Office 365

ESET Endpoint Protection | Anti-virus

Storagecraft ShadowProtect

Web Hosting

Domain Registration

SSL certificates

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Sisgarbe has been Frusoal's IT partner ever since we began our business activity and, together, we have managed to develop the IT tools that allow us to control and analyse the entire production and marketing cycle. Maintaining this control is particularly demanding as we are a producer organisation with a large number of members and a major production network spread all over the Algarve. All of this customised development has decisively helped Frusoal's sustained growth.

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