Simplify and automate your business management


Inoformat is an integrated management software solution that offers the tools you need to simplify and automate the management of your business.

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Optimise processes and boost your company's productivity with inoformat


Suitable for the most diverse business areas and adaptable to the different ways of organising and working in each company.


Without duplicating tasks, this software uses all the data entered to produce management information efficiently and reliably.


The software is based on a secure database platform, ensuring compliance with all legal requirements and great consistency in the information it makes available to the user.

Modular solutions that adapt to the unique reality of your business

Comprehensive customer and supplier management

Management of bank and cash transactions

Management of discount rules with different combinations for customers and suppliers

Comprehensive stock management, including inventory reporting to the tax authorities

Debt notices are sent quickly and easily by email

Creation and production of SEPA files for direct debit collections

Development of lists/reports tailored to the customer’s needs

Option of having offline billing stations

We enrich customer experiences and build innovative solutions for your business needs

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Production and Works

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Monitor every job, service or production process to the millimetre

Designed to meet the needs of all businesses that combine materials and labour in the same equation. Provides you with a complete overview of the results of services rendered, work done and articles produced.


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Sell effectively anywhere and boost your results

A solution designed for those who want to have their business in the palm of their hand, whether in a pre-sales or self-service-sales environment. We take a simplified and interactive approach, providing all the tools your sales force needs to succeed.

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Commercial and Financial Management

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Take complete control of your business

With the flexible and adaptable modules of the Commercial and Financial Management range, you can customise the solution in line with the specific needs of your business. Our solid integrated management approach aims to simplify administrative work and provide fast and accurate answers to help you make informed decisions.

With Inoformat, ensure complete and integrated management of all areas of your company.