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Management software is essential to optimise processes, boost productivity and ensure control over all of a company’s operations. This is especially true in retail, the sector in which Messinagro operates.

Reduce costs, boost competitiveness and improve financial results

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Stock managements

Management software allows your company to maintain a more accurate and efficient control of product stocks. This helps ensure that products are available for sale when customers need them, and it also helps prevent overstocking.

Financial management

With management software, the company can monitor financial flows more rigorously. This includes tracking sales, generating financial reports and monitoring company expenditure.

Improving customer service

Management software can help companies provide more comprehensive and personalised customer service. For example, the software can help keep track of customer preferences and purchase history.

Facilitating the sales process

The software can speed up your sales process, making it easier for employees to record sales and manage stocks. This helps reduce customer waiting time and improve their shopping experience.


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Messinagro is a company that was founded in 1998. It currently offers a variety of products and services including Agriculture, Green Spaces, Animal Nutrition, and Animal and Domestic Hygiene. Messinagro has three points of sale in the Algarve, one in Faro, one in São Bartolomeu de Messines and one in Tavira, as well as one in São Teotónio, in the Baixo (Lower) Alentejo region. It also works with a team of six salespeople who assist customers throughout the Algarve and Baixo Alentejo.

The Challenge

Messinagro was looking for a software system that would ensure compliance with the regulations imposed by the phytopharmaceuticals supervisory authority, reduce the time spent on resolving recurring and annoying processes with the main suppliers, and allow the interconnection of the company’s financial data with the accounting office that handles them.

The Solution

Sisgarbe decided to automate the company’s in-house processes in order to guarantee compliance with the rules, thereby ensuring that Messinagro would be able to sell phytopharmaceutical products.

Since Messinagro’s accounts are outsourced to an accounting firm, and since neither the company nor the accountant’s office has PHC CS Accounting, a Sisgarbe template was inserted that automates the generation of accounting transactions. This allows Messinagro to send its accounting transaction data on sales, purchases, payments and receipts to the accountant’s office, in accordance with tax rules, so that they can be input into the accountant’s system.

In terms of customer relations, we implemented the PHC B2B portal, which serves to facilitate contact between the customers and the company, since it can be used to place orders, check prices, check current accounts, view invoices and make payments.

Regarding warehouse management, Sisgarbe implemented a Picking solution, which works as an extension of the PHC in the warehouse. This allows logistics tasks to be carried out in a simple, objective and mobile way, making it possible to highlight the receipt of goods from suppliers, the collection of orders made by customers, the preparation of inventories and the labelling of products. With regard to suppliers, the company’s PHC data were integrated with the software used by the main suppliers, in order to reduce process delays.

Finally, with regard to Messinagro’s productivity, it was decided to use PHC CS ADVANCED, combining it with Sisgarbe services to be able to share information with resellers and end customers.

Messinagro has improved the way it works.

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Products used

PHC CS Advanced Gestão (Management)

PHC CS Advanced Lotes (Batches)

PHC CS Advanced Documentos + BPM (Documents + BPM)

PHC CS Advanced POS

PHC CS Advanced Documentos Eletrónicos (Electronic Documents)

PHC CS Web Advanced Gestão (Management)

PHC CS Web E-Commerce B2B

SIS Integrador PHC | SIS Toc

SIS Pick


Generix Ecofatura | Electronic Invoicing with customers

Exchange Online

Office 365

Domain Registration

SSL certificates

ESET Endpoint Protection | Anti-virus

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Given our issues here at Messinagro, Sisgarbe software was the right choice, since they were able to adapt it to our reality and the programmes are easy to use. This partnership has allowed us to improve the way we work by implementing new processes that have proved useful in our daily lives. Sisgarbe is, without a doubt, a trustworthy company, with fast and efficient assistance.

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